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Caring for your new jewelry

So, you've just invested in your style by making another purchase from our one of a kind jewelry art selection at It is important to know exactly how to care for your priceless collection of valuables. Jewelry is supposed to be meaningful, each piece tells a story, holds memories, and adds that extra sparkle to our lives. Whether it's a trendy necklace, a gorgeous bracelet, or those funky earrings you snagged during our recent sale, taking care of your jewelry is like giving it a warm hug. Let's dive into some helpful tips to keep your investment shining bright:

Cleaning your items 

  • Use a soft cloth to wipe away any grime and to polish your precious stones.
  • Keep your items away from bleach, chlorine, and other harsh chemicals. They don't get along well together.
  • Wipe away sweat, oil, and moisture after wearing your items to keep their luster and protect them from deteriorating.

Storing your items

  • It is wise to store each piece separately to avoid tangles and scratches. Those necklaces deserve personal space.
  • Pop your metal jewelry into anti-tarnish pouches. They're like cozy blankets for your bling.
  • Velvet-lined jewelry boxes are like luxury condos for your pieces. They keep them safe and sound.

Moisture is the enemy

  • "No Swimming, Please". Chlorinated pools and salty seawater can be harsh on your jewelry. Take them off before diving in.
  • Remove your jewelry before showering. Soap scum and moisture can destroy your handmade items.
  • If you're hitting the gym, let your jewelry stay at home. Sweat can tarnish metals and cloud semi precious stones.

Tips for longevity 

  • Give each piece a break. Wearing the same piece every day? Swap it out occasionally for another one of our selection of items 
  • Avoid abrasions because your pieces can scratch each other. Store them separately.
  • Treat yourself by Shopping often. 

Remember, each piece of your one of a kind jewelry is a piece of your story. So, treat it with love, wear it proudly, and shine bright like the star you are! ✨

Until next time, 

"Kamilah The Maker"

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