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Summer 2021 Is Here!

Are you ready? This summer is much more anticipated than any other that I can remember. Most of us have been doing our best to stay safe and keep a distance from each other. We have survived the worst of the COVID19 pandemic. Many have been fully vaccinated and are ready to safely get back together with family and friends without the worry of making them sick.

The beautiful sunny weather has us craving a little vacay time. Along with a vacay comes the opportunity to do vacay shopping. This Summer 2021 is screaming for "color", "color", "color". That call has been my inspiration. Bright pastels, yellows, oranges, reds, blues, you name it and I have included it in the Summer collection additions.

The "Boldly Modern" collection has new sleek, modern, bold and bright looks that will immediately put you in a vacation mood. There are additions to the "Artisan Collectibles" that have bright pops of color. The additions to the "Maximalist Earrings" collection are over the top bright woven beaded looks. Each look is made with very lightweight wooden beads. Wooden beads are perfect for adding maximum color with minimum weight. All of these options are screaming "BRUNCH BY THE BEACH", L.O.L.! 

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