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"Shine Bright" this FALL 2021

The theme this FALL 2021 is "Shine Bright". It is my hope that my art brings light into the lives of my customers and people around me that are observing me like my children and family members. There is so much darkness spreading around these days whether it's the havoc from the pandemic, or racial injustices and so many more issues going on today. "Shine bright, never let anyone dim your light". 

What are you doing to shine your light? Are you committing yourself more to doing what you love? Are you using your God given gifts to bless others? Are you committed to self-care and healing? These are examples of how you can let your light "Shine Bright".

Light can be dimmed by covering it, blocking it, and not allowing it to shine. Throughout my life I have had many situations that threatened my light and even almost extinguished it. Finding my inner power source and building a personal relationship with God has been my saving grace in every situation. What is your power source? 

This Fall 2021 I encourage you to do more of what it takes to let your light "Shine Bright". 

Yours Truly

Kamilah "Kamicoo Designs"

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