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A New Way For A New Day

It's almost the end of the month of May in the year 2020 and I am sitting in my den at home writing my first blog for my new totally unplanned website. There have been several websites that I started and never finished, but this time is different. The realization that a website with products of my own was going to be a necessity for my business, and not just a "nice" thing to have, set in around week four of quarantine. 

Around this time of year for the past 10 years I would have been creating my summer vending schedule, calculating vendor fees for public events, and working on my inventory. However, the Covid-19 quarantine had a different plan for my "one man" operation. 

Despite the temptation to succumb to the obvious horrifying and depressing daily smorgasbord of reminders that the news reel readily feeds us, I persevere. My motivation has a new urgency to it. It almost feels like I'm selling a product, but also providing something of beauty that is a distraction from the world right now. This is a unique time and a "new day" calls for a "new way". 

With that in mind I have many many designs running around in my head. The challenge will be editing my thoughts into meaningful collections. For an artist, this is a true challenge because by nature artists want to be free to do literally whatever they want. For vending, that is perfectly acceptable, however, not so much for a themed website. Regardless, I am truly excited to see what is to come. 

I'm sure that in the very near future I will look back at this blog post and wonder how we made it. For now, I must move forward. You guys are waiting to see what's next and I am so here for it. #wereinthistogether #stayathome 

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